A new path for
patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

At Pathalys Pharma, Inc. we are committed to improving the lives of patients through the development of enhanced therapeutics that improve the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Pathalys is a private, late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company committed to the development of multiple advanced therapeutics that address unmet needs in the management of late stage chronic kidney disease (CKD).


Hemodialysis remains the most widely used treatment for patients with end-stage kidney disease.

While advancements have been made, many critical unmet needs remain. For Pathalys, these unmet needs are our call-to-action.

One such unmet need and an initial area of focus for Pathalys is the improved treatment for secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT). SHPT is a condition in which a disease outside of the parathyroid glands causes all the parathyroid glands to become enlarged and hyperactive, overproducing parathyroid hormone (PTH).

The most common causes of SHPT are kidney failure and vitamin D deficiency. In kidney failure, the kidney is no longer able to make enough vitamin D or remove all the phosphorus that is made by the body, which leads to low calcium levels.

These low calcium levels stimulate the parathyroid glands to make more PTH. Over time, this constant stimulation causes the parathyroid glands to grow and become hyperactive and patients can progress to develop SHPT.1


Pathalys was created with initial funding from Catalys Pacific and DaVita Venture Group to be a multi-asset biopharmaceutical company focused on the needs of patients with end-stage kidney disease.

Pathalys was launched with upacicalcet, a potentially improved calcimimetic for the treatment of SHPT.
A calcimimetic is a pharmaceutical drug that mimics the action of calcium on tissues, through the activation of the calcium-sensing receptor that is expressed in various human organ tissues. Calcimimetics are used to treat secondary SHPT.2

Upacicalcet is a novel calcimimetic that can be delivered intravenously at the end of the hemodialysis session via pre-filled syringe and has been demonstrated to effectively reduce levels of PTH and may have a better tolerability profile for patients.

Beyond upacicalcet, Pathalys continues to identify high priority needs and potential solutions for patients with end-stage kidney disease.

Note: Upacicalcet is an investigational product candidate in the United States and subject to regulatory review and approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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